Hello world!

Sorry, who are you?

Nunn, Ben Nunn, hold on thats been done… just call me Ben. Hello World!

One thing will become glaringly obvious the further you read through this and that is that writing does not come naturally to me. If you are willing to stick around the plan is to (slowly) improve as the post count goes up.

OK. that sounds nice but who ARE you.

I am so many things, i don’t feel any of them define me, husband, father, NHS staffer, entrepreneur, etc. None of these describe me more than the others.

I would refer to myself as a career drifter. I’ve not really had a definitive direction when it comes to turning a coin but that has also meant that I have experienced a lot of different industries and amassed a rather eclectic set of skills. Making a point to learn as much as I can about each placement and the wider business as i go.

Father of three, Wow, being a family man is also a learning experience not just about being a parent but about who I am AS a parent, not as simple as it looks.

I will say that it is important to know where you are and where you have been. They give meaning to each other and the future. Which brings me to why i am doing this.


This Blog is my attempt at centring my life. To give my future a direction, stop drifting through life and to help others along the way. So with a lot of effort and a touch of luck, hopefully this will be the start of something spectacular.

Make your life Spectacular. I know I did.

Robin Williams as JACK

Honestly, this is very new to me. I’m not a writer as I’ve said, i know that this is in no way a masterpiece and hitting that publish button is going to be difficult. As of writing this i have already wrote the next post which I’m happy with but this Hello World feels weird. Its easy to edit yourself when you know the audience but just being general and trying to tow the line between too much and not enough information is tough.

But anyway nice to meet, you Lets be friends

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